chapter 11

The book Brains on Fire is a marketing book that does not teach
businesses how to build ad campaigns or build brands, but how to start movements. How to
turn customers into loyalists for your business. They encourage businesses owners to engage with their
customers to find out what they want and need and love and hate about your business and products.
This not only provides honest feedback to help build a better business, but create a sense of belonging
for customers within the business. The challenge presented by the final chapter of the book is to use
the message of the book and write its final chapter in terms of the reader’s perspective. So here it is!
Chapter 11.

In order to realize me dream of starting my own shoulder brace business, I spend much of my time
interviewing customers, users, decision makers, and decision influencers to learn about how they tick.
As of late, I only focus on the conversations so I can get the information I need and be on my way. I need
to learn how to engage the customers. Hold on to them and make them feel indispensable. Send them
emails after my meetings, remember their names and their stories.

But will all the craziness that comes with starting a business, why is it important to send emails to
people I may never actually see again?


Because they will be the first to adopt the product and feel a sense of loyalty to it. They will be the
ones to share the product within their circles and help in my crusade to spread the word. My product
is more than a shoulder brace, more than neoprene and Velcro and straps. My business is more than
a set of financial statements and promotional flyers. I am more than a student, learning the ropes of

If I think my product, my business, and I are better than what they appear to be on the surface, then
it stands to reason that my customers are more than a checkbook or an invoice. My shoulder brace
is meant to get people back to doing what they love to do. Back to their back to the courts with their
teammates, back to the field with their battalion, back to the playground with their kids. Whatever
it is, wherever it is, whoever they are, being able to allow people to live their lives without worry for
reinjuring themselves and being forced to sit out a game, a battle, or a day at the park is what I aim to

The most important part of the business is not selling braces to customers. It’s about getting and
keeping and growing the customers. No, the fans. The followers. The evangelists. The loyalists.

I am not in business for shoulder braces.

I am in business for basketball players and football jocks and athletic trainers and soldiers and
teammates and fathers and mothers and grandpas and grandmas…

I am in business for them.