What’s next?

Today is the last day of class for the MBAe fall semester! Unbelievable how fast time flies! Next semester the business will kick into gear. its really time to hone in on my… Continue reading


I am wrapping up my time as part of the NSF I-Corps program. As part of the closing workshop, I was required to create a movie to tell a story about my journey… Continue reading

trip to DC

During the short 6 months I have been working on my business idea, I have had the opportunity to travel to many places and meet many people. However, I don’t think there will… Continue reading

this is my hero

We all have role models: people we look up to on a daily basis and try to emulate in our day-to-day actions. People who carry themselves in such a way you can only… Continue reading

when i grow up

I have a memory from when I was 6 or 7 years old of my and my dad standing in my family room having a conversation about what I wanted to be when I… Continue reading

My hotel room view in Atlanta

Looking out the window in my hotel room in Atlanta, I realized how big a world it is. How many opportunities are out there. Having spent the past few days at the 2012… Continue reading

chapter 11

The book Brains on Fire is a marketing book that does not teach businesses how to build ad campaigns or build brands, but how to start movements. How to turn customers into loyalists for… Continue reading

an interview with Dick Hughes

  After looking over my first 3 blog posts, I realized they was no real backstory ever presented about me, my project, and my goals. This post contains the transcript for an interview… Continue reading

18 down, 82 to go

After being a part of the Clemson MBAe and bioengineering master’s programs, I thought I had reached maximum capacity. That was until I was chosen to be a part of the NSF I-Corps… Continue reading

Fastforward to October 4, 2012

I’ve been in the MBA program for approximately 4 months and have certainly seen the benefits. What are the biggest lessons I have learned so far and what advice can I offer entrepreneurs?… Continue reading